Cadence Rage was born to a family of voracious readers and published authors. She has been writing fiction since she first learned the English alphabet, and aspired early on to publish a series of fantasy novels.

Ironically enough, various educators throughout her life discouraged her from creative writing and forced her to focus on other pursuits instead. In response to an increasingly turbulent childhood, an alter ego was born, and Cadence Rage became both stage name and solace: not a veil, but rather a glimpse into her Other’s soul. This Other turned to music and film for comfort and went on to become a musician, but found that she had lost her creative writing spark — she could no longer breathe life into fiction the way she had as a child. This realisation was an emotional blow, and the alter ego was suppressed for a number of years.

Cadence’s boring Other began her career in 2008 as a freelance writer, contributing content for both publications and organisations until she decided to take a brief hiatus in 2010 to cultivate her songwriting career. Today, she is an accomplished writer, musician, film critic and public speaker, and holds a creative writing degree that has helped her revive her inimitable alter ego. Cadence Rage now hammers away at laptop keys in full force, burning with the desire to weave the science-fantasy series her idiotic Other eats, sleeps and dreams of each night.

While Rage hungers for her moment behind the keys at night, by day, the Other pursues her PhD in Ethnomusicology. The two enjoy dedicating their time to music, travel, and animal rights. Together, they hope to reach other writers who suffer from the dreadful, crippling despair that plagues creative minds, and help reignite the spark that only the magic of words can fulfil.

Follow their journey to know more.

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