Level 13: The Obligatory Introduction

Hellooo, Bonjour, Hola and, oh, who am I kidding – keep scrolling because I’m probably going to botch Level 13, too (to know what Level 13 is, keeping reading until the end! #ClickBaitPaysMyBills #NotReallyI’mUnemployed).

I’m Cadence, and I enjoy writing speculative fiction and ranting on the internet. I am not a people person, despise mornings and inspirational quotes, and adore dark fiction and artists who contribute to it. As you can already tell, I also share a special relationship with the Oxford comma.

I’ve recently begun experimenting with the ‘literary’ genre – whatever that really means – whilst actively trying, for once, to improve my craft. In other words, I want to see if I’m still any good without the dragons, lasers and magic of my comfort zone. I also enjoy battering my keyboard over silly little rants that, as it turns out, are actually pretty hilarious. This is my attempt at cutting short the self-glorification and just writing for the sheer joy of it and wiping my creative self clean from the fumes of the industry. For the purpose of this blog and my staggering 0.5-person readership, I’m going to dive into uncharted territory – flash fiction, vain journalling and ‘serious’ stories mixed with a healthy heaping of the swords, aliens and sorcery my brain thrives on.

This blog is my THIRTEENTH attempt at starting and maintaining a digital journal of sorts (yes, thirteen attempts over a smattering of years – not saying how many because you do not need to know just how deep my failures and ADHD run, m’kay?). Clearly, I need to be kicked up the arse when it comes to maintaining my daily writing goals (hahah just kidding, I have none… goals, that is. My arse is perfect, thank you), but hey – I’m trying.

This is ‘I’m trying’ version 13, take one.

To mediocrity, and beyond!

– Cadence Rage


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